Post-Brexit property market?

Sound advice to those selling.

In this immediate post-Brexit period it is too soon to determine exactly where the market is heading. But across the country prices have steadied and in some cases declined. But remember, “price” is not the same as “value”.

This is a time for caution not for alarm and it is not a time for digging one’s heels in over price. The smarter move is to understand that what you may lose on the swings, you may gain on the roundabouts. A negotiated sale brings the freedom to negotiate a great purchase, bearing in mind that the goal is a life or lifestyle move to somewhere else.

Flexibility and pragmatism make the best-selling strategy in the property market. There is low supply but this doesn’t necessarily mean high demand.  So, if your aim is leaving your home – Hexit – negotiation is the name of the game and achieving the right balance between sale and purchase.